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2016 Guest Trainer: Robert "Shep" Sheppard

August 6 & 7 - 2 Day, 1 Night Combat Pistol Class

Class Overview:

The 2 Day Combat Pistol course taught by Rob Sheppard was an all around success! The class taught each student a Combat Mindset and practical pistol shooting skills. Rob was very good at explaining each drill, working hands on with students and handling questions. His knowledge was inclusive of many topics and followed his mantra of "If it's stupid and it works, it ain't stupid!".

A big Thank You to Rob Sheppard, Brock Larson, all the students and staff who made this event fun and safe.

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Class Highlights:

  • Class length 16 hours
  • $595 per student
  • Must be 21 years or older
  • POST Credit: 16 hours
  • Meals & Refreshments included!
  • Bunkhouse Lodging included!
  • Combat Mindset
  • Moving & Shooting
  • Disabled Shooting
  • Strong Hand vs Weak Hand
  • Ammo Selection
  • Flashlight Techniques
  • Lowlight Shooting (Dusk & Night)
  • Meet & Greet time
  • Competency Drills
  • Life Size Targets
  • We do not supply Ammunition for these events

2 Day Combat Pistol After Action Report - AAR

The first day focused on getting each student up to a certain level of speed and accuracy. Rob has some differing opinions compared to other high dollar instructors and he took the time to explain exactly why. Near the end of the first day, we broke for dinner and had the demonstration with Brock Larson for about 2 hours. Brock taught the class some basic hand-to-hand combat skills for when you aren't near your weapon, or you are too close to utilize your pistol. Brock's section was simply icing on the cake for the weekend, which had beautiful weather each day.

After the on-site dinner of steak, potatoes, corn and other veggies on the outdoor grill. The class went back to train with Rob for some low-light instruction. Rob went very thoroughly through flashlights, batteries and other info before starting the class back up with live fire drills. As always, the drills started basic to ensure safety and increased in skill level. At the end of the first day each student had done moving & shooting, single handed, CQB and low light training!

Day 2 started on another sunny morning. Some students enjoyed a light breakfast on-site, as several students brought campers or stayed in the bunkhouse. The day went much faster than the first, and the round count was much higher. Most students shot just over 1000 rounds for the whole event. Drills were focused on competency and stress. One particular section was simply a pass/fail style, with multiple stages of shooting. You had to pass at a certain level of accuracy and speed (time) to continue. Students learned in these drills that sometimes the best shot isn't always the one you need to take. Sometimes getting lead down range quicker is much more effective.

This class was a huge success. Everyone of the students got the 16 hours of training they came for and went away tired. Most of all this was a safe event, with no injuries and really great weather!

Combat Pistol Class Video Highlights

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Testimonial From Andrew

I feel privileged to have spent an early weekend in August with Brian and the PointBlank Gun Training crew. PointBlank Gun Training, LLC provided myself and 8 other students with an Advanced Pistol Training weekend. Brian and his team hosted this 16-hour advanced pistol course for lead instructor Robert "Shep" Sheppard, of Precision Applications, LLC, who I'm happy to say was a fun, knowledgeable, and well regarded firearms trainer.

Truth be told, this was my first foray into any real pistol training, and I wasn't disappointed. I'm sure there could have been a little more efficiency with time management, regardless of that, I learned a lot. Shep provided our group of students with a world of experience that he was able to utilize in the form of solid, well-constructed, and practical pistol applications. As we covered operations ranging from holster draw to extremely close quarter combat, Shep drove the principles of these techniques to ensure safety and provided the fundamentals to understanding the reason and application of the drills learned. I am comfortable saying I still have a lot to learn. I am also happy to say I now have a foundation of new knowledge to which I can continue training with the techniques covered over the course of the weekend. I'm of the frame of mind that learning something new is only second to the importance of learning what you didn't know you were doing wrong. Being able to identify and correct your own flaws and weaknesses will only benefit yourself when your capable of learning proper technique. Shep and the PointBlank Training crew also made it clear that without a solid understanding of what you're doing, your chance of improvement will be hindered. These guys and girls know how to make a person better with the platforms they teach by utilizing this important train of thought. Each student was watched, and watched closely. Each student took comments, critique, and criticism as a benefit to improve their skill, and this course did not fall short of individual improvement. Myself, as a fresh rookie to the realm of pistol applications, and the other students who joined me, all much more advanced than myself, were able to make large improvements to our individual success and confidence with our arms. That, in and of itself, is why I enjoyed this opportunity to participate in the weekends Advanced Pistol Course.

A big Thank You to Brian and the other members of PointBlank Gun Training, LLC. This is a solid group of individuals who have come together to teach and advance the skillset of people like myself and those who carry arms for their profession. PointBlank Training goes above and beyond to ensure a comfortable training experience and provide an amazing facility to train. I look forward to attending more classes and improving my skills with the expertise they provide. This is what training is all about and PointBlank Gun Training, LLC is where it's at.

Combat Pistol Class Details:

Our 2016 guest trainer will be Robert "Shep" Sheppard! This class will feature 16 full hours of training stretched over two days. We've specifically asked for time to do low-light and night training, so a flashlight is required! This means that the first day will be split up into daytime exercises, with an extended break for supper and social time. Then we'll get into the evening training taking us into the night.

This class is designed for the firearm enthusiast looking to sharpen their existing skill set. This is not a beginner class. Minimum of a carry permit and required gear.

Special Guest: Brock Larson, 3 time UFC World Contender

Special guest appearance by Brock Larson, 3 time world contender in the UFC. Roll with Brock and learn some hand to hand fighting techniques!

Brock Larson, 3 Time UFC World Contender, Guest Appearance during the Training Event

About Robert "Shep" Sheppard:

Shep is a former United States Marine Corps Scout/Sniper. In addition to being a Scout/Sniper, he also served tours as a Small Arms Instructor, Marine Security Guard and Range NCOIC of the Stone Bay Pistol Range, the main and largest pistol range of Camp Lejeune, NC. Shep was a Jungle Patrol Leader for the Marine Barracks, Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines and shot competitively for the 2nd Bn 8th Marines Rifle/Pistol Team.
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