PointBlank specializes in Outdoor Private Training courses, for civilian and law enforcement.
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Precision & Hunting Rifle Training

Students will develop confidence in their skill set and their equipment using our hands-on teachings and live fire exercises at distances up to 750 yards. With many topics including ammo selection, bullet trajectory, optics adjustment, wind, Coriolis effect and spin drift. We cover all topics possible for external ballistics. We also verify the accuracy of your equipment and build accurate ballistic data for your chosen rifle, ammo and optics. Lastly, we teach you the fundamentals of consistent and accurate long range shooting.

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The class is segmented into logical progressive steps to help you improve accuracy starting at 100 yards and working up to 750 yards.

This class will be hosted outdoors, so please check the gear list for required items.

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Gear List

  • Precision Rifle / Hunting Rifle
  • Electronic Ear Muffs preferred
  • Ear Plugs under Electronic Muffs preferred
  • Light Rain Jacket
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Bug Spray
  • Good Attitude
  • Backup firearm optional
  • 50 to 150 Rounds of Ammo

Class Lessons Include

  • Scope Selection
  • Scope adjustment and Usage
  • Understanding Gravity
  • Trajectory and Point of Impact
  • Feet Per Second (FPS)
  • Muzzle Energy
  • Windage Compensation
  • Coriolis Effect
  • Shoot Solutions
  • And More!

Passion for the Hunt - Jason Mitchell Outdoors, Behind the Scenes Look

"I learned more in 17 rounds than I ever have shooting before, thanks to Brian & Vance at PointBlank!". Tayler

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Take a look at the training video we created for Passion for the Hunt! These guys had a ton of fun shooting all the way out to 750 yards, hitting the bullseye and learning their gear!

Watch Jason Mitchell Outdoors on Fox Sports Net Sundays @ 9:00am CST - Passion for the Hunt Website

Why PointBlank Specializes in Private Training Courses:

PointBlank specializes in private firearms training to provide the best training results. Our students realize these benefits in many ways. Our private courses allow our instructors to focus on each students individual training needs, without public distractions. You can schedule a date that works for you and your group. Better learning environment; each student is more comfortable training with familiar people. Only your private group will be at the range facility!

Our Private Outdoor Range, which includes (3) pistol and (2) rifles ranges, offers a dynamic training environment. Custom classes allow our instructors to tailor the training to meet the individual as well as the groups goals. PointBlank operates a dedicated Private Outdoor Range, modifications to the ranges can be made to achieve specific training needs. Range modifications can include: vehicles for live fire training, modular wall system, shoot house configurations as well as shingled roof sections and more!

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As Seen on TV: Passion for the Hunt - Jason Mitchell Outdoors

"It's amazing how much attention is put into every bullet fired!". Tayler

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Passion for the Hunt came out and filmed our Long Range 750 Yard Precision Rifle course. We helped them enhance their skills all the way out to 750 yards, hitting the bullseye and having a ton of fun!

Watch Jason Mitchell Outdoors on Fox Sports Net Sundays @ 9:00am CST - Passion for the Hunt Website

What to Expect from our Long Range Class

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Here's what to expect from our Precision Rifle Class.

We utilize a custom wireless 3-camera shot spotting system with ballistic prediction software. Students often place first round hits at 750 yards within 10 inches of the bullseye! This is well inside the kill zone of large game animals such as Elk, Bear and Moose. This maximizes your Training Time and Value - come see how PointBlank can improve your next hunting trip!

What to Look for in a Precision Rifle

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Here's what to look for in a Precision Rifle.

Are you wondering what gear you should bring to class? Besides looking over our Gear List, watch the video above.

750 Yard Upgrade Video - First Shots

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In late 2017, we upgraded our Precision Rifle range from 500 yards to 750 yards! We were hard at work to get this finished and with the final touches we present to you video of some of the first shots from 750 yards. If you think you have what it takes, join us for one of our class dates or contact us to setup a private training date.

To Shoot the full 750 yards in class we require:

  • 3 MOA accuracy or better at 500 yards; Shot group must also be centered around your target's point-of-aim
  • 15x or higher scope magnification
  • Ammo / Rifle combination that remains supersonic at 750 yards (> 1300 fps)

Class Highlights

  • Doping Your Scope
  • Accuracy
  • Trigger Control
  • Follow Through
  • Breath Control
  • Multiple Ranges: 100 to 750 yds
  • Shot Placement
  • Wind Adjustments
  • Coriolis Effect
  • Spotting
  • Distance Estimating
  • Selecting the right ammo
  • Ballistics
  • Tricks and Tips
  • Semi Auto vs Bolt Action
  • Scopes - What to buy
  • Reasonable Expectations
  • Bi-pod Positions
  • Equipment Effectiveness
  • Shooting Fundamentals

Learn to shoot with Precision and Accuracy in this Rifle class. The training starts at 100 yards or less and will increase to 750 yards, depending on equipment and shooter capability. We teach the fundamentals of how to calculate a shooting solution, apply that solution and learn to spot inaccuracies.

Precision Rifle Training Class at PointBlank Gun Training

We highly recommend bringing the equipment you'll be using out in the real world. This is typically hunting rifles with fairly light barrels and stocks. With this in mind, we'll push your equipment and skill level out to as far as you're capable. These common hunting rifles can remain fairly accurate throughout the day, but the light frames generally cause the most issues with recoil felt at the shooter's shoulder. If you have any concerns about your gear (rifle, optics, ammo, etc) please feel free to contact us.

We also recommend 9x or higher magnification for any shooting under 500 yards. We prefer a minimum of 12x or higher, but 9x with generally good vision for the shooter can be effective. At 750 yards, 9x is not enough magnification typically to remain within our accuracy requirements. You will shoot out as far as your skills, rifle and ammo will allow safely!

Upcoming Precision & Hunting Rifle Training Dates

Precision Rifle Fundamentals classes available. Custom group dates upon request.

Precision & Hunting Rifle Training Class Schedule
Date Time
August, 2024
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September, 2024
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October, 2024
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One All-Inclusive Fee

Precision Rifle Fundamentals

8 Hours Class Length

21 Years or Older to Attend

Female & Male Instructors

Food and Beverages Included

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Precision Rifle Course Topics Covered

Our Precision Rifle Fundamentals includes the following topics and more!


Learn to DOPE your scope.
Including adjusting for wind and other variables.

3 MOA Groups Required!

Students are required to maintain
3 MOA accuracy or better
after sighting in their rifle.
3 MOA is just over 15 inches at 500 yards!
3 MOA is about 23.5 inches at 750 yards!

Coriolis Effect

Advanced topics include Wind, Coriolis effect,
Uphill & Downhill shooting.

Breathing Control

Learn how to enhance your shot
groups with simple breathing exercises.

Trigger Control

Learn to press the trigger smoothly
and increase precision!

Ammo Ballistics

Learn how your Ammo handles in multiple conditions.
And learn how to get the most out of your chosen rifle.


INCLUDED: Meals served on-site,
beverages available all day.

Shooter Diagnosis

We will diagnose and fix shooter issues
for each and every student.


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