PointBlank specializes in Outdoor Private Training courses, for civilian and law enforcement.
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Intermediate Pistol

This class is for someone who is looking to develop their practical handgun skills. You will go beyond basic operation and start using your firearm in practical situations. Emphasizing accuracy, trigger control, and shot placement; then continuing with skills that include single handed shooting, drawing from a holster, and using cover and concealment. Expect to shoot 200-250 rounds with hands-on instruction including instructor demos.

This is a great next step after You've obtained your MN Carry Permit. Learn to defend yourself properly and be safe in your daily carry.

This class will be hosted outdoors, so please check the gear list for required items.

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Gear List

  • Usable Safe Holster - IWB or OWB - NO shoulder holsters
  • Electronic Ear Muffs preferred
  • Handgun
  • Multiple magazines
  • Light Rain Jacket
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Bug Spray
  • Good Attitude
  • 200 to 250 Rounds of Ammo
  • Magazine Pouch
  • Flashlight with Usable Holster
  • Backup Firearm Optional

Why PointBlank Specializes in Private Training Courses:

PointBlank specializes in private firearms training to provide the best training results. Our students realize these benefits in many ways. Our private courses allow our instructors to focus on each students individual training needs, without public distractions. You can schedule a date that works for you and your group. Better learning environment; each student is more comfortable training with familiar people. Only your private group will be at the range facility!

Our Private Outdoor Range, which includes (3) pistol and (2) rifles ranges, offers a dynamic training environment. Custom classes allow our instructors to tailor the training to meet the individual as well as the groups goals. PointBlank operates a dedicated Private Outdoor Range, modifications to the ranges can be made to achieve specific training needs. Range modifications can include: vehicles for live fire training, modular wall system, shoot house configurations as well as shingled roof sections and more!

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Upcoming Intermediate Pistol Class Dates

Intermediate Pistol training classes available. Custom group dates upon request.

Intermediate Pistol Training Class Schedule
Date Time
July, 2024
9:00 AM


One All-Inclusive Fee

Intermediate Pistol

8 Hours Class Length

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

21 Years or Older to Attend

Permit to Carry Required to Participate

Female & Male Instructors

Food and Beverages Included

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Topics Covered in the Intermediate Pistol Course

Our Intermediate Pistol Training Class includes the following topics and more!


All training is outdoors,
in any safe weather conditions.


Shooting scenario's and multiple stages of fire.

Single Handed

Single handed shooting,
weak and strong hand.


Awareness and Observation drills.

Moving & Shooting

Moving to Cover.
Shooting from cover.
Shooting while moving.


Trigger Reset, Follow Through
and Sight Alignment.


INCLUDED: Meals & snacks served on-site,
beverages available all day.

Shooter Diagnosis

We will diagnose and fix shooter issues
for each and every student.


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