PointBlank specializes in Outdoor Private Training courses, for civilian and law enforcement.
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Multiple Quality Instructors

PointBlank is constantly evolving by listening to student feedback. Our Male and Female instructors all work together to help each student with hands on training. This gives our students the best value for your training dollar. PointBlank can provide these services to students through both indoor and outdoor classes as well as custom private events.

PointBlank's Instructors have been trained by some of the best in the industry, including Louis Awerbuck, Dave Spaulding, Rob Sheppard and Larry Vickers.

Brian Walsh

Brian, pistol instructor and Glock Armorer, is well versed in the fundamentals of long range marksmanship and defensive handgun shooting techniques.

Brian helps each student by diagnosing their shooting fundamentals for the Precision Rifle Course at PointBlank's 750 Yard Range.

Brian is the lead instructor for the Pistol courses offered at PointBlank.

Brian Walsh Owner and Instructor at PointBlank Gun Training
Jaime Boesen Female Instructor at PointBlank Gun Training

Jaime Boesen

Jaime, a pistol instructor, Glock Armorer and shooting enthusiast brings a female perspective to the classroom. A powerful addition to the PointBlank team, she adds a comfort level to the many female students, especially in the Permit to Carry Course.

Vance Walsh

Vance, a Glock Armorer, with an excellent handgun and precision rifle skill set, adds a younger outlook that our youthful students connect with.

Vance is the lead instructor for the Precision Rifle Course at PointBlank's 750 Yard Outdoor Gun Range. He teaches all of the ballistic formula's and calculations necessary to hit targets at extended distances. His technological expertise allows PointBlank to operate a custom built wireless camera system for long range shooting. This system, built by Vance, provides instant feedback on all shot placements and measures all necessary ballistic variables for accurate shot hits at any distance.

Vance Walsh Instructor at PointBlank Gun Training