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Climbing Tower

Features 350' Zipline, Rappel Station, Log Climb, Cargo Net & Fast Rope

Our 43 foot tower is designed to develop teamwork skills, confidence, conquer fears and learn about safety. You will learn about knot tying, gear safety checks, first aid and increase your fitness. In addition to a 350 foot zipline, fast rope and rappel wall, we also have a log climb and rope climb for a real challenge.

Custom class dates and Group pricing available. Please call 218-820-2793.

This class will be hosted outdoors, so please check the gear list for required items.

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Gear List

  • Outdoor clothing
  • Bug Spray
  • Good Attitude
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • All Climbing Equipment Supplied

Upcoming Tower Class Dates

Tower classes available. Custom group dates upon request.

Rappelling & Climbing Tower Event Schedule
Date Time
No Public Class Dates Scheduled at this time. Contact us to schedule a Private Class


One All-Inclusive Fee

Climbing Tower

4 Hours Class Length

21 Years or Older to Attend

Female & Male Instructors

Beverages Included

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Climbing Tower Course Topics Covered

Our Tower will challenge you mentally and physically!


All training is outdoors,
in any safe weather conditions.

Build Confidence

Learn to build teamwork and conquer fears.


Having a clear head for stressful situations.

Safety Awareness

Be in control of your safety
and learn to double check tie off points.

Knot Tying

Simple and Consistent knots are used
to keep them easy to verify.

Gear Limits

Learn what each piece of gear is rated for.

Beverages & Restrooms

Beverages and restrooms on-site.


What to do in an emergency.


Easy payment options.