PointBlank specializes in Outdoor Private Training courses, for civilian and law enforcement.
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NEW! Now all indoor and outdoor classes are hosted at 4859 Red River Trail SW, Pillager Mn, 56473!

Firearms Training Classes Available

We offer many different classes from novice to advanced skill level. We also offer classes across all weapon platforms and types ranging from Handguns, AR15 and Hunting Rifles to tactical shotguns.

With both our Private Heated Indoor Range and massive Private Outdoor Range we can handle any class or private group event. So call today to schedule your next firearms training event.

MN Permit to Carry Class

We've been teaching Permit to Carry classes for Minnesota since 2008. Our goal has always been to provide the most information and offer the best instruction, not just during the Permit class but also after. Once you've taken the class you are invited to all of our Student Shoot Nights, which help continue your weapon skills AND give you access to our knowledgeable staff. This helps you keep up to date on all the law changes that might affect MN permit holders.

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Outdoor Pistol Training

We offer multiple levels of pistol training for beginner, intermediate and advanced training. These events include the fundamentals of shooting a pistol, drawing from a holster, effective shot placement and much more. Our advanced classes include fundamentals and also dive into advanced tactics in and around vehicles and other obstacles.

Outdoor Student Shoot Night - Reduced Cost Training for PointBlank Students Only!

Outdoor AR15 Training

Train in the basic principles of shooting your AR15 rifle (or equivalent) on our dedicated outdoor range. The range is capable of distances up to 140 yards, including moving and 3D targets. We also have the ability to replicate urban tactical scenarios, so you can learn how to move in confined places with your AR15.

Precision Rifle & Hunting Rifle Training

Learn the fundamentals of shooting long range distances on our 750 yard ( just under 1/2 of a mile ) range. You will learn distance estimation, wind adjustment, bullet trajectory, trigger control, ammo selection and more. This class will progress from 100 yards up to a max of 750 yards and require each student to prove the fundamentals to continue onto each stage.

5 Station Climbing Tower

Experience life 36 feet in the air! Our Tower offers Rappelling, Fast Rope, Log Climb, Cargo Net and 350 foot Zip Line. You will learn how to tie the proper knots, proper gear checks, climbing rope specifications and more!

Shotgun Self Defense

Learn the fundamentals and effective range of your Shotgun for home or self defense. These classes focus on several aspects of using a Shotgun from increasing shot speed, ammo selection to accuracy at increased distances.

Student Shoot Night - Only at PointBlank

These events were designed to keep in touch with our students and offer realistic practice during the winter months. We also take a break halfway through and update the class on law changes. Most instructors are done with their students until their next permit class. At PointBlank we strive to keep you safe and informed.

We have both indoor and outdoor Student Shoot Nights.