Private Indoor & Outdoor Firearms Training

Outdoor Training Facility Overview Video

See all of what PointBlank's Training Facility has to offer in this video. This allows you to see just how massive a facility we've created. Features include multiple CQB ranges, AR-15 range, 750 Yard rifle range, Climbing and Rappelling Tower, Camping area and Private Helicopter Landing pad.

Quality vs. Quantity

We offer the best training for your dollar. We do this with small class sizes, multiple instructors and no hidden fees.

We work with each student individually to ensure safety and improve their skills. This is a huge benefit for both beginner and experienced students. We help each student improve their shooting skills, as well as demonstrate realistic self defense situations. You will learn what is practical and possible in a critical incident.

We do not offer short renewal classes. Our main reasoning is simple: you cannot learn enough in a few short hours to be able to carry legally for your next 5 year term. It's our belief that we offer a much better service if we keep to our tradition of having a lengthy course, filled with information. And let's not forget that carry laws change each year. So do yourself and your family a favor and take a great class!

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